Charles Read's first encounter with Christian healing.

This occurred on the last night of a Christian meeting at the Wembley Conference centre some years ago; a Christian meeting run by John Wimber, organizer of the Vineyard group of Christian fellowships. There was a very serious party atmosphere - if I may so describe it - and the best Christian worship and singing I have ever encountered (and I've encountered some). However before the best of that, Wimber issued instructions along the lines of: "if you need Christian healing and haven't yet got it, stand up and get prayed for, it's your last chance this conference".

Lots of people stood up, and lots more moved over to pray for them. At this conference, the Wembley centre was full enough that they had put 3 extra rows of chairs on the stage itself. At the back of these extra rows was a girl who had stood up for prayer but nobody had noticed her, nobody had moved over to pray for her. So I, who would probably have remained seated otherwise, noticed this and went over.

She explained that she had some kind of sporting injury - something along the lines of fluid built up (?) in the muscles of her calves (?) - at any rate it was annoying her, and a visit to the doctor had yielded only the information "it'll probably go away in 3 months, if not come back to me". Not what she wanted to hear, so she came to the conference and stood up for prayer. Another guy came up to pray for her so there were two of us. Me with one hand on her shoulder and another lifted up to heaven, praying for her. A posture I have heard described uncharitably as "playing satellite dishes"; but what I say is, if it works don't knock it....

At this point I felt the whole upper half of my body become hot. Hot hot, a sort of dry heat, but very real and noticeable. I immediately worried about whether my deodorant would be able to handle the situation, and sniffed cautiously under one arm in order to find out. She was a pretty girl, you see, and I didn't really want to be sweating like a pig. But meanwhile, the young lady was instantly healed. She described it as feeling water like, running away. She asked me, "who are you?"; and I, still slightly in shock, replied, "I'm nobody in particular".

In a way though, that's the right reply. Being a Pure Maths Fellow at Trinity, Cambridge - as I then was - doesn't really cut it when it comes to Christian healing, and we Christians know Him who said "I will not share My glory with another". Since this world abounds with quacks, gurus and false messiahs enthusiastically attempting to steal the Lord's glory, if we're lucky enough to be involved in a small but real miracle - how much better to be thought nobody in particular. Especially as, remembering the deodorant bit, I hadn't been in the situation before, and didn't have a clue what was going on. But afterwards I realized, this is what the Lord felt when he turned around and said to his disciples "who touched me?.... for I felt power go through me". Of course, he knew what the sensation meant. He did it all the time. And he still does.To Him be the glory.

- Charles Read.