An archive of the web site of Professor Charles Read (1958 - 2015)

NB The site had become unavailable and has been retrieved thanks to the Internet Archive. Some sections are currently incomplete or missing, where the files were not archived and have not yet been located. It is hoped to add these in due course.

Cave Diver

The author of this page is a born-again Christian first. Here is the story of his conversion (which, as you can see, has been noticed by the Leeds Uni student rag - er - newspaper).

Welcome to ""

This is in fact Charles Read's scuba webpage. I appropriated the web addresses "" and "" - which are precisely equivalent - because cavediving is my hobby, plenty of the diving is solo, and I do not approve of the hypocrisy whereby cavedivers pretend to deprecate solo cavediving when (1) most of them do it and (2) all of their instructors do it. Thanks to Steve Gerrard for taking the photos (see above and below!).


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