Good Qualities of Ted Cole

This sticks out in memory: absolute stillness. Ted can swim through the water with less waste of effort than any diver I have yet seen - (I have of course seen plenty of others who do it better than I do!) - but Ted is truly exceptional in that area. One gets the impression of a stone statue somehow gliding through the water. I remember having a flashback to the statues of the knights Templar, lying on their tombs in London's Temple Church - the hands folded across the chest in the same way Ted does sometimes. Now those knights have been there for 700 years or so so that's a pretty impressive standard of stillness to measure up to. And in the water, Ted does!

Of course that stillness can only be achieved with nigh-perfect buoyancy and trim in the water. I am still short of reliably getting it right. It is not enough, of course, merely to be neutrally buoyant. The centre of gravity and the centre of buoyancy must be on the same vertical line or you will naturally tend to rotate in the water, a tendency that can only be stopped by breaking the stillness with a fin kick or whatever. I am experimenting with my 2 to 4 pound weight [necessary with the light alu tanks you tend to get in Mexico] in the chest area rather than round the waist, because otherwise my feet tend to sink (except in British waters where, wearing a drysuit, the feet can be filled with air ..... maybe too much air though!).

Meanwhile.... Watch Ted!! His stillness is truly astonishing.